Steve Hopwood

Company founder and CEO, Steven Hopwood built P4C Global with two key tenets in mind: providing high quality products for clients and delivering top-tier customer service. With a dedication to philanthropy and corporate responsibility, Steve has steered the company to its current position as an industry leading OEM wholesale distributor and recycler for cellular phones, batteries and accessories.

As P4C Global grows, Steve continues to maintain his dedication to meeting customers’ / vendors’ needs and ensures that company staff operates with the same values in mind.


Lawrence Jackowski

As Chief Operating Officer for P4C Global, Lawrence brings a wealth of experience leading teams in processes for e-waste recycling, e-commerce, website merchandising, sales and operations. With his experience and leadership capability, he provides clients with confidence and assuredness that company processes and service will result in top quality production and customer satisfaction. With keen oversight and precise follow-through, Lawrence leads the direction of staff, ensuring high standards for all work quality and service.

With a demonstrated track record of success, Lawrence measures P4C Global’s production and service against the highest standards and directs the company’s ongoing effort to continually raise them.